Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Quite a lot has happened since I last posted! 
Firstly, I got a new phone. Its an iPhone 4. I've downloaded the blogger app, so there might be more posts on the go. But I've also downloaded the tumblr app, so I can go on it wherever I want! Yay! 
The other exciting thing that happened is that I got enrolled in college yesterday! Time goes so quickly it's actually quite scary. I'm due to start in a week. My mum decided that I should be part of the college newspaper so signed me up. I don't particularly want to write for a newspaper, but there wasn't really any other Enrichment that I wanted to do, plus apparently it would look good on my application to University. Apparently, my mum decided I'm going to Uni as well... The courses I'm doing at college are Religious Studies, English Language, Psychology and History. The topic I've chosen to do in History is Religion, Witchcraft and Social Turmoil in Early Modern Europe. I may or may not have chosen it for the witchcraft part......
Finally, I'm being dragged along to my cousin's 21st birthday party on Saturday. But here's the thing: the party is all family and being held at my Grandma's house and my cousin tweets loads about how she 'hates her family.' Okay, I'd understand if she didn't know about it and it was like a surprise party, but she was the one who organised it! What?!? I don't totally object to going, but there is no one the same age as me to socialize with. It's either really young cousins who just want to run around (eugh!), my cousin whose party it is but I'm not very close to her or the adults who are all fairly boring. I'll try to persuade them to let me have a few drinks so I actually think that they're being funny. ORRRR, I could bring my phone (i would anyway) and go on tumblr. Or I could bring a book or two and read them in some secret place that no one could find me. 
I've also ordered some new clothes for college, so I might do a college clothes haul at some point.
Byee :) 

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