Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Nature watching #1

Okay, you're probably already confused by the title of this post, but actually I'm just going to write what Cooper is doing because I'm bored and she's doing stuffs hahah!
9:30 am- subject talks to me about emails, and types away at the keyboard. I'm unsure who she's now talking to, but I shall assume its herself.
9:32 - subject raises eyebrows at laptop and complains that it took her 3/4 of an hour to make a card. 
9:33- subject looks confused at laptop for a second. Subject then answers a question from someone at our table asking about Sellotape. The subject doesn't have any.
9:34- subject starts her psychology homework, but gets distracted and looks at the snapchats she has received.
9:35-subject intently does psychology homework and is unlikely to be distracted. Oh, she just stare at her laptop! 
After investigation of said laptop, I have realised that she is looking up answers.
9:37- subject still doing homework, occasionally looking at the laptop.
9:38- subject reveals that she has a red pen that someone could borrow when asked about it by someone. Subject continues her work.
9:39- subject looks at me for a second and then types on her laptop, humming to herself.
9:40- subject finally realises what I'm doing an laughs.

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