Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Hi Unicornasauruses!
Not too much has happened today. I've acquired some new things! My mum had a wardrobe clear out and gave me like 5 tops which are actually quite nice! And earlier we went to hobbycraft, but it was too expensive so my mum gave me an old art set of hers when we got home. Also, I'm packing my bag for St Ives, its already full and not everything I wanted is in there so I need to find more space!
I really fancy an Asda smart price curry pot noodle, but it has meat in and I'm a vegetarian so that sucks! I don't generally miss meat in case you're wondering, that also includes bacon. I wasn't that keen on meat to start with. I do miss gelatin though because its in like jelly and sweets and so many nice foods. Instead of meat I have vegetables like a roasted or stuffed pepper. I don't particularly like quorn, it tastes strange... I am quite awkward though; I don't eat meat or fish (or any seafood), I don't like quorn, I'm allergic to eggs, take-away's creep me out and I hate mushrooms. Although it doesn't sound like a lot, it doesn't leave me with a lot of choice for food. I wish I had a personal chef who would make me food. Unfortunately, that isn't the case though. And if I did have a personal chef, I would constantly request either couscous or peanut butter and jam sandwiches. Though strangely, at the moment, I really want macaroni cheese... Yes, I do realise that I said I fancied a curry pot noodle a moment ago, but my stomach decided to request macaroni cheese now. Writing about food is making me hungry and I have to wait 3 hours until dinner... Darn.
Bye :)

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