Friday, 22 March 2013

My Shoe Collection

Hai Unicornasauruses!
Its finally the Easter holidays! Yay! Ithink that my fortnight is going to be rather eventful! I'm going to Wales tomorrow to visit my nan, stopping the night and then coming home again on Sunday. Then I'm going to be doing so much revision in the first week. I'm also planning on having a Harry Potter movie marathon and seeing my mate Lauren. I don't really have much else planned. On the second week, I'm off to St Ives in Cornwall with my family and I'm spending easter down there! Apparently there is going to be wi-fi, so hopefully I can try and update my blog, but if not then I'll do a super long when I get back home! So yeah, they're my super exciting plans for the holidays!
I'm going to take pictures of my shoes and talk about them and stuffs. No clue why, except the fact that today I realised that I actually have quite a lot of shoes!

Black Heels from Primark. Unsurprisingly, I can't walk well in them.

 I call these my Bowling Shoes, though they aren't actually bowling shoes, they just look like them! My nan gave them to me, they're vintage!
 My brown boots. I'm not too sure where they're from. I think Peacocks, but I'm not too sure. They're good in the snow because the inside is all fluffy.
 Black Converse! I got these for my birthday a couple of years ago and I absolutely love them! I wear them so much at the moment.
 Houndstooth Creepers from New look. They're quite comfy and not that heavy, so I like! And the pattern is just super funky.
 Flip Flops! There are 3 pairs here, a floral pair from my nan, a woven pair from my gran and a spotty pair from my mum. Flip flops are pretty much essential for holidays abroad, I live in them.
 Pink Ballet Pumps from New Look. At first they gave me blisters, so I was put off wearing them, but I started wearing them again and I wore them loads last year in the summer!
 Uggs. Again, my nan gave them to me. They fluffy inside and really comfy! I adore them.
 Sandals. Yet again my nan gave me these 2 pairs. I think that they're really cute and they go with the outfits I like to wear in summer.
 Suede Brogues from New Look. I used to be obsessed with brogues, so when I got these I wore them constantly. Admittedly, they didn't go with my outfits, but I still wore them.
 My gold sparkly high heels!! Words can't describe my love for them! I've worn them once, and I've had them 2 years. I just like to look at them. They're so sparkly.
 Wedged Trainers from Next. They hurt my feet a bit if I walk around for too long in them, but I still think that they're pretty darn cool. They make my feet look small though.
 Black and White Ballet pumps from New Look. I bought these for when I did work experience because they went with the top I bought. No other reason, just because they matched and I like them...
Wooden wedged sandals. Unsurprisingly, they're from my nan. She likes to give me shoes, okay?! I haven't really worn them because they're pretty hard to. I just think that they're rather snazzy!

So that is it for my shoe collection. I do have others, but my school shoes and trainers are a little boring, so I didn't include them. By the way, I'm not bragging, I'm just doing this post because I like shoes.
Bye :)

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