Monday, 18 March 2013

Top 10 songs

Hello there!
How are you all? So anyway, its nearly the Easter holidays and I'm super excited!! In the first week I'm just chilling, maybe meeting up with me maties and in the second week I'm going to St Ives in Cornwall with my family! Yay! I've written a list of things I'm planning on taking with me and at the moment the list has 64 items on it.... I think I'm being a tad bit excessive and need to re think the list. Darn! So today my post is going to be about songs I like and the memories that they have with them or why I like them. I'll put links to the songs above where I say why I like them.

1. Losing My Religion by R.E.M (

I like this song because it reminds me of being a child, my mum used to play it in the car constantly as well as 'Friday I'm in Love' by The Cure and some other various Coldplay songs, which I also love. I really like the words and the general song. My old Philosophical Thinking teacher used to play it as well and that was my favourite class ever, so it brings back good memories of that class.

2. Blue by Eiffel 65 (

Lauren Cooper ( made me put it on my New Years Eve playlist and unfortunately I agreed and it is one of the most catchy songs ever, so I think I listened to it constantly in December and January...

3. Affirmation by Savage Garden (

For some weird reason it make me want to go running, but I never do! I agree with the message of the song and think that its such a happy song. If I'm ever upset and need cheering up, I usually listen to this one.

4. Everybody Talks by Neon Trees (

Its so dancey! I just want to dance and sing the lyrics super loud, I like it muchly! I found it when I was on a random little Youtube song spree and I love it so much!

5. 'Brick By Boring Brick' by Paramore (

It makes me feel so powerful, almost like I could do anything. I don't particularly know why, probably because of the upbeat-ness... Who knows!? I like it anyway. Except in the music video the little girl is wearing butterfly wings and I have a phobia of butterflies so that kind of creeps me out!

6. Perfect Day by Hoku (

Yes, it IS from Legally Blonde. When I listen to it in the morning, it makes me think that it is gonna be a great day. Sometimes it isn't, but when it is I totally have this song playing in my brain all day and that makes me happy!

7.  Mad World by Gary Jules (

I'm not sure how I really know it, I think mum used to play it in the car when I was a kid, but this song has so many memories. I used to play it after my Gramp died and when my cousin was in hospital. I think that its a beautiful song and I know the words so well. Also, I've learnt how to play it on piano. Yay!

8. The Harry Potter theme song (

It reminds me of the Harry Potter series and my intense love for them. I know that its sad, but I don't even care! My brain has like a montage of all the Harry Potter books and films when I hear this. I mainly think of when the letters are flying around the Dursley's living room and Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Probably because that song was played then...

9. Skins theme Song by Fat Segal (

Yet again, this is also quite sad being a fave tune of mine, but it legitimately reminds me of my love for skins. It also reminds me that I'm starting college next year, but weirdly this song makes me feel that college will be totally fine!

10. Fairly Odd Parents theme song (

Okay, so I used to love this programme when I was a kid, but that's not why I like it. I think that its totally hilarious because one of my friends call me Timmy  as a nickname (no clue why though) and I like to relate it to me! I have magic little fish who grant my every wish too! I find it so exciting and honestly, I listened to it about 30 times walking to school today!

So that is 10 songs. Admittedly, 3 of them are theme songs, but they still mean loads to me! I hope you like some of the songs. I do have weird music tastes so you may not, but still you should give them a listen!

Byee :)

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