Saturday, 6 April 2013

Back from St Ives!

I had such a good time in St Ives! I really want to go back there now :( As promised, I'm going to put some pictures from my holiday in.
 Porthmeor Beach
 The Habour
 The sweeties I bought. Aren't they so cool?!
 Overlooking Porthmeor Beach
 I Adore this picture! :D
 Tate Modern Gallery. Admittedly, we didn't go in. Mainly because modern art is confusing to my family.
I drew the Hogwarts Crest. Proud moment!
So yeah, St Ives was really good. We stayed in Zennor Apartments and booked through Aspects Holidays. I'd recommend, they're amazing! When we were there me and my dad went on a ghost walk one evening, it was really good. If anyone is in or going to St Ives soon, you should definitely go. Its £6 for adults and £4 for under 14s. Unfortunately, I didn't have any paranormal experiences, but it was fun learning more about St Ives. Shanty Baba (the tour guide) also does other walks, the comedy walk and a pirate walk. We didn't do either of them, but I'm sure they're also pretty good as Shanty is a good storyteller. Me and mum also did a lot of shopping there. I bought loads of sweets: Jellybeans, Nerds, Everlasting Gobstoppers and Sticks of Rock. I also bought a jumpsuit from a charity shop for £7. As well as the jumpsuit from the charity shop, I got a Finding Nemo mug! Yaay!! And finally, the best thing I bought, I bought a new book. Okay, that sounds nerdy, but its Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Its from the Harry Potter books. I literally bought a book from a book! Super happy!
That's all I have to say today!
Bye :)

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