Sunday, 19 May 2013


Its a week until my birthday!!! I'm literally so excited! I get to go to the Harry Potter studio tour!! Yayayyy!!! Except the bad thing is, I have to get through a week of exams first. Not looking forward to them. I have chemistry, physics, 2 english literature and business studies. Not fun! At least when they're done it'll be half term! WOO! On the Monday in half term, its mine and Vicky's joint birthday party! Yayy! But, a load of random people are coming though. One of the people invited to our party invited them...... Awkwarddddddd. I'll probably just be sat there rather like a giant ball of awkwardness because I am a little bit (or a lot) of an introvert and people aren't really my favourite things to chat to.
I don't really have anything else to say, I just decided to blog because it is a distraction from revision and I am excellent and being distracted, even when I'm writing this post I'm being distracted by youtube!
Anyway, I really ought to go and revise more about Electrolysis and stuffs.....

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