Monday, 13 May 2013

I suck at being Cupid :(

I have my GCSE additional science Biology exam tomorrow! Oh nooo! I'm not looking forward to it. I have done a fair bit of revision though! I found this amazing YouTube channel (myGCSEscience), which has videos of the different things I need to learn. So I spent most of my weekend watching them. It was pretty useful! Also at the weekend, I bought my prom dress!!! Its amazing! I love it to pieces!
Today was a really sad day. I realised that I wasn't a cupid. I was trying to set one of my mates up with this boy that absolutely adores her (it's actually really sweet!), but something I have to mention is that my mate already has a boyfriends. No offence, but I absolutely detest her boyfriend! I don't even really understand why she is going out with him. I swear it is only because her best mate's boyfriend is best mate's with her boyfriend (who we will call Wag Bold Fib - use an anagram solver) Personally, I really think that she should go out with the boy I'm trying to set her up with. The boy I was planning on setting her up with asked her to prom, but she was all weirded out, but agreed to go as friends. Today, my mate's best friend told the boy that it was all a lie. He was upset to say the least. I know that my mate likes him, even if it is subconsciously. I generally thought that it would work. They would have been going out with in a few weeks if it worked. I'm just so sad it didn't. I feel like I've screwed with the boy's head by telling him that stuff (which I did mean! I honestly think she likes him!) and I've pissed off my mate by trying to set her up. So, all in all, today was pretty depressing. I've decided that I am never again going to try and set people up, it upsets me too much!
Byee :-)

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