Sunday, 28 July 2013


So not a lot happened today, except I am incredibly annoyed with my brother. He ate most of my monster's inc cereal! That is plain rude! So I kept the box anyway because who doesn't want a monster staring at you all day?
I also figured out what I'm doing on Wednesday. (For those of you who don't know, on Wednesday, it will be Harry Potter's birthday.) I'm going to watch all of the Harry Potter movies even though the books are better, but I don't think I can read all of them in only a day. So if I don't post on Wednesday, you'll know why!
I cleaned my keyboard today by pulling all of the keys off of my laptop and cleaning underneath. I know that probably isn't recommended (actually I have no idea), but I could literally see the dust underneath it! It was gross and now it feels clean. Yaay! Except I think I kind of broke the 7 key because it keeps falling off. Oopsies!
That's all folks!
Byee :)

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