Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Skins 30 Questions

Haii Unicornasauruses!
In case you didn't know the final season of Skins started 2 weeks ago and also in case you didn't know, I happen to be slightly addicted to it. (Oh yeah, this will probably have spoilers it, sorry!) Skins Fire, which was Effy's 2 episodes, was incredibly sad! I found the ending really upsetting because Naomi is dying and Effy goes to prison. Its just so unexpected! I was kind of hoping for a happy ending, but then again, this is Skins! So I've decided to answer 30 questions about Skins, which was originally a 30 day challenge, but seriously - who can be bothered to do that?!

1. Favourite Generation?
 That's super tough! I like generation 1 because you could easily tell that they were all friends, also G1 had quite a lot of comedy in. I like generation 2 because the characters and most of the story lines were really good and you understood how most of them came to know each other. And I liked generation 3, even though quite a few people don't, because it was still Skins and there were still some good storylines. So I can't really decide a favourite...

2. Favourite G1 character?

3. Least favourite G1 character?
Tony or Michelle. I couldn't stand either of them!

4. Favourite G2 character?

5. Least favourite G2 character?

6. Favourite G3 character?

7. Least favourite G3 character?
Rich in S5 and Franky in S6.

8. Favourite character overall?
I love all of them, but I think Chris because he pretty much represents everything that Skins is. He has an element of comedy, but there is also a more serious side.

9. Favourite episode?
Pandora's episode

10. Least favourite episode?
The one where Effy goes with Cook to see his Dad.

11. Favourite scene?
The party is Freddie's shed when he dies and the gang doesn't know.

12. Something you hate about Skins?
Killing characters off.

13. Favourite Skins quote?
"I'm Katie fucking Fitch. Who the fuck are you?!"

14. Favourite funny scene?
When Chris gets a job at the estate agents.

15. A scene that makes you sad/cry?
Chris's funeral.

16. A scene that makes you happy?
The ending of G3, it was so good!  Also, when Pandora finds out that Thomas is also going to Harvard.

17. A scene that makes you angry?
When Franky arrives at Morocco and she is a completely different person. I don't get it.

18. Favourite skins finale?
Season 4 and season 6

19. Favourite skins friendship?
Maxxie and Anwar.

20. Favourite skins romance?

21. A ship you want to happen?

22. Favourite character entrance?

23. Favourite minor character G1?

24. Favourite minor character G2?

25. Character that is most like you?
I don't know. I'm like most of the characters in some ways.

26. An episode you wish never happened?
I don't wish any episodes never happened. I'm glad they happened.

27. Something you wish happened but didn't?
I'm not sure...

28. Favourite cast picture?

29. Favourite skins fanfiction?
I haven't read any.

30. Should there have been a G4?
No, because story lines would have been repeated.

I did change a few of the questions because I am a badass, but feel free to do them anyway if you like skins.
Cheerio :)

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