Friday, 28 June 2013

Make-up Haul

Hi Unicornasauruses!
So I've left school forever now. Sad, sad times. Anyway, this afternoon me and my mum went makeup shopping and bought quite a lot of things. So, I've decided to do a makeup haul. I don't think I've done one before, so yeah. Apologies for the picture quality and lighting, I took it on my phone camera.
1. Broadway Nails Fast French Deception.
Basically, they're false nails, but they look pretty real. These include glue as well. I couldn't get a close up, but they're only nails.
2. EcoTools Flat Foundation brush. 
Its ecofriendly and does what its supposed to - a pretty good purchase methinks.

3. No7 Stay Perfect Foundation in the colour Cool Vanilla. Its the first proper foundation I own. Its a good match to my skin and it doesn't look orange. It looks super pale in the sample thingy I did in the picture because I put like an excessive amount on my hand. Oops.

4. Clearasil Daily Clear, Clear 'n Refine Daily Scrub.
It looks snazzy. I've never had a face scrub either, so I really wanted to try it!

5. No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in the colour Sultry.
Its a really nice deep red colour. It also lasts a fairly long time. I probably would only wear this on special occasions.

6. No7 Moisture Drench in the colour Coral Rose.
The colour looks super nice sampled, but worn on my lips it looks a teensy bit too much orange and it hardly visible.

7. Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner.
I haven't taken a picture of this because I already have a picture of this eyeliner somewhere on my blog. It is my absolute favourite eyeliner though, I would definitely recommend.

8. Collection Shimmer Shades eyeshadows.
These colours are super pretty. One is a gold sort of colour, one is a bronzey gold, one is cream and the last one is pink. I'm not too keen on the pink one on, but I like the others.
9. No7 Stay Perfect Long-lasting volume mascara in Black.
Its really easy to put on and take off. It also makes my lashes like 10 times longer!

10. No7 (sensing a theme yet?) Natural Blush Tint power in Cool Pink.
I adore the colour, it makes my cheeks rosy, but not too pink, its great!

11. Rimmel Nail Varnishes.
The one on the left is Coralicious, which is a pinky orangey colour.
The one in the middle is Double Decker Red, which is super red. I loovee it!
 The one on the right is Marshmallow Heaven, which is a pale purple colour. I absolutely love this ones name, its so snazzy and cool!
Thats all the stuffs I bought, so yeahh!
Byee :)

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