Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to get to sleep quickly and easily

Hi my Unicornasauruses :)
I managed to get to sleep last night! Yay! Unfortunately, it was at midnight, so I'm pretty tired now because I set my alarm for 9am so that I could sleep tonight. Gotta love thinking ahead, even if I am tired now. So I decided I'm going to make a list of ways to get to sleep quickly and easily to help if you're finding it hard to get to sleep.

  • Actually try to fall asleep. It may sound difficult, but it was easier than I thought. Just close your eyes and focus on sleeping!
  • Count Sheep. Okay, I'm pretty sure everyone has tried this at least once. It doesn't work for me, but it may work for you.
  • Reading a book. It relaxes you and takes your mind off of any distracting thoughts that are stopping you from sleeping.
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol and sugary foods/drinks. They keep you energised which makes it hard to sleep. Avoiding them before you sleep is probably best.
  • Turn the lights off. It is easier to get to sleep in the dark, so if you're having trouble sleeping and the lamp is on, try turning it off. Simple :)
  • Exercise during the daytime, but not too close to night. Exercise will wear you out, but avoid exercising too close to when you're trying to catch some Z's because it keeps most people energised.
  • Avoid sleeping in late or having naps. Sleeping too much in the day, will make you less sleepy and make it harder for you to fall asleep.
  • Listen to relaxing music. This trick has helped me a few times, but only when I've been tired. Relaxing music calms me down and makes it easier to drift off.
  • Practise breathing. I'm pretty sure most people know how to breathe, but try taking deep breaths. Worked for me!
  • Find a comfortable position. You can't sleep if you're uncomfortable!
So yeah! That's my list of sleeping tips. I hope it works for you, if not then I'm sorry!
Bye! :)

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