Monday, 7 January 2013


Hey Unicornasauruses! :)
So I had to go back to school today, the Christmas break finished! :(  School was as boring as usual, but at least I had my mates there to keep me sane. I have 2 exams this week and 2 next week (3 of which are science -_-), so I have a tonne of revision to do, at least! I need to pass these science exams because I weirdly put down to taking Biology at college and need to get at least a B to take it. Wonderful, no pressure or anything. I'm getting like Es and Ds?! I wish that I could just be amazing at whatever I do, I have this one friend who is an A* student, musical AND arty! Even if she doesn't revise she'll still get an A. How unfair! She's sat there like ''Oh I got an A for that'' and I'm like ''I got a D....'' Oh well, I'll just revise a load! I get annoyed easily though I guess. Don't you also hate unloyal/two faced friends? Its not that serious, but it really annoyed me, she said she trusted her mates ex more than her actual mate. What?! I don't get it! Meh, whatever!
 Wow, I realise that is yet another rambly paragraph (but with a cool GIF from mean girls). Sorry! Also, I realised that I must seem really dramatic, once again, sorry!
So yeah, as you can tell, I don't have much to blog about at the moment, my head is full of candy floss instead of brains! If you want to make a suggestion, comment on this post, your suggestion is needed!!
Bye :)

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