Saturday, 19 January 2013

Rambling on about pizza and fish and snow!

Haii Unicornasauruses!
Is it snowing where you are? It is here. I hate snow with a passion. Why? Because its cold, wet and hurts when it is thrown at you - and unfortunately, I'm a rather easy snowball target. So I try and avoid snow at all costs. Sadly, yesterday I had to go to school for the morning because the snow was apparently not deep enough (it was ankle deep -_-) and then the school decided to close half way through the day, but it was total chaos getting out because we had to have permission from our parents to leave on either email or voicemail, but the school were checking neither. What?! Also, all of my Variatus Platy fishies have died! Its so sad, they were my bestie friends!! I'm joking FYI, I do actually have human friends, although fish are pretty cool friends because they can't argue back! So tonight I'm going to one of my 'human' friends birthday parties (she calls herself human, but I'm not convinced...) so hopefully it should be good! She's bought pizza, so it is likely to be good. Either that or I'll be throwing up because I ate like 10 pizzas to myself! Hahah! One time at one of her parties I ate all of the sweets to myself before any of the other guests arrived. I'm a bit greedy, evidently!
Bye!! :)

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