Monday, 15 April 2013

A - Z of Me

I'm writing this with a headache (which thinking about it, it isn't such a good idea..) so apologies if it makes zero sense. I wanted to post because last time I posted felt like ages ago. Anyway, school is totally killing me, but there is only a few more months left! Phew. Andddd its my birthday in those few months (26th of May, just fyi)! I'm going to the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio in London for it with my family! I'm super excited. I've already been before, but I loved it sooo much that I wanted to go again! So I'm going to be doing the A to Z of me. I know my friend Lauren ( has already done it and so has Katie ( I'm going to be making my own stuff up for the letters because its more fun that way!

A- Animal
Not the brand that my mum is obsessed with! As in actual animals, I usually daydream about what it would be like to be an animal. It would be so much easier, yet so much harder! You wouldn't have people annoying you because it could be classed as the norm to attack them, but you'd have to like eat gross stuff... I've always wanted to be a leopard or a shark. They're cute.

B- Blackberry Curve 9300.
I am part of the Blackberry crowd. I'm hoping to get an iPhone though because my Blackberry is slowing and starting to break, I've had it nearly 2 years! Its been a pretty good phone though.

C- Cirencester College
I'm going there next year and I'm slightly nervous. Also, I'm not entirely sure why I'm taking some of the courses I'm taking. Biology - I hate it. Religious Studies - I don't believe in Religion. But I still want to take Psychology and English Language.

D- Daniel Radcliffe.
My celebrity crush! He's adorable! Except I read somewhere on the Internet that he smokes and that made him lose a few points.

E- Eggs.
I am allergic to eggs. Well, technically. If they have been cooked properly and with other things (e.g cake) then I can eat them. But if they're on their own and loosely cooked, like scrambled eggs, I come up in mahoosive rashes and my face swells up.

F- Friends and Family
I have a close group of friends which I totally adore, they're each so amazing in their own way. They're pretty much like sisters I guess, but we're not related.... Family, I love my family so much, they're always there for me and even though they're slightly crazy they're so cool!

G- Ghosts.
I believe in ghosts and the paranormal as I have probably already mentioned. I went on a ghost walk recently and enjoyed it so much, even though I didn't have a paranormal experience. I haven't ever had a paranormal experience, which is weird because I believe so much but I want to believe, I guess!

H- Harry Potter
The series totally changed my life! It is beyond amazing!

I- "Imma"
That word makes me cringe so much. I couldn't think of anything else for I....

J- Jack.
My annoying little (well, three years younger) brother. I love him to pieces - which you wouldn't guess - but he is the most irritating person in the world at the moment! I've always wanted a sister (or twin) but I appreciate having him there for me. Well, sometimes anyway!

K- Karma
I believe in Karma. Its an odd thing, but its totally fair! If you're a nice person then Karma is nice to you! I like that!

L- Lauren Elizabeth Andrews.
C'est Moi! I used to hate my middle name, but now I like it because it has a Z in and I like that letter, its uncommon.

M- Marie Claire
My Grandma subscribed me to Marie Claire magazine for Christmas and I get them every month. Its so fun knowing that I get my Christmas present every month! The magazine is actually pretty good as well, I enjoy reading it.

N- Nocturnal
I literally become nocturnal in the school holidays! I stay up all night just randomly on tumblr or 4oD or something and in the daytime I just sleep because I'm so tired from staying up. Its a pretty hard habit to break though so I get so tired the first few days of term which I absolutely hate.

O- October
Its a good month. The weather isn't too hot - which I hate - and it isn't too cold either! Its also autumn so the trees are beautiful colours. Annndd its Halloween!!

P- Peanut Butter and Jam.
My absolute favourite type of sandwich. I know that it sounds gross, but it tastes like heaven! I love PB+J sarnies so much that I dedicated a whole letter to them, yay!

Q- Quirky
That's how I would generally describe my style. I wear things like patterned leggings, jewellery with miniature real life things (I have this ring which has a plate of food on!) and I don't really dress for what is in fashion. 

R- Red
I really like that colour. It goes with my skin tone and its a bold colour. It also represents danger, which probably matches me perfectly!

S- Skins
Probably my favourite TV programme. Some of the story lines are quite easy to identify with and what it means to be a teenager. (Not including the excessive sex, smoking, drugs and alcohol as they don't mean being a teenager...) I'm so excited for Season 7!

T- Tom Felton.
Enough said.

U- Unicorns.
Aww, they're such cool animals. I do believe that they exist or did exist and I'm a total fan of them, hence the name of my blog!

V- Vegetables
I actually really like vegetables. I know many people that its weird but they're really nice! My favourite is broccoli, I love it despite everyone hating green veg or veg in general.

W- Wonka sweets.
They're so exciting! It makes me think that Gene Wilder or Johnny Depp made them with a bunch of Oompa Loompas and then I get all happy because how cool would that be!?

X- X-Ray
Never had one, luckily!

Y- YouTube
I spend about a quarter of my life of YouTube. About a quarter on 4oD, a quarter on my blog and on tumblr, an eighth on Pottermore and an eighth eating.

Z- Zodiac
Gemini! I have quite a few Gemini personality traits too! I think that its quite curious how your birthday can define your personality.

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