Sunday, 21 April 2013


Apologies for not writing for nearly a week. I've been super busy. And by super busy, I mean doing nothing of use. I've done a  bit of revision, been ill and also read a tonne of Harry Potter fan fiction. I literally think that I'm addicted to Harry Potter.... I don't remember if I've already posted this but when I'm going to the Harry Potter studios, apparently the animal actors are going to be there!! Like the owls and stuff. I fangirled for ages when I found out, it wasn't even normal. I'm a very not normal person though, so it doesn't even matter.
Also, it was started to get warmer which means that the English spring is finally on its way. I am complaining just fyi. I don't really like warm weather. Or cold weather for that matter. I prefer it when it is cloudy, but not raining, but it has to be warm enough so I don't have to wear a coat, but it has to be cold enough so I can wear a jumper. I like that sort of weather, which I guess is Autumn pretty much. Spring is sometimes like that but last year it was a gigantic heatwave and so warm and this year it has been snowing. Gosh I hate weather sometimes. At least I'm finally recovering from my cold. It even made me lose my voice! Ew, stupid germs.
Unfortunately it is exam season next month, so that could mean I don't post much in favour of revision. But it could also mean that I post excessively to avoid revision. Either way, I thought that it should be a good idea to make a warning. Not that its really that important to know anyway, but oh well. My room is plastered with revision posters, I actually have 33 up and that is a lot for me seeing as in previous years I haven't bothered to revise until a few days until my exam which isn't the most effective way of dealing with them.
So yeah, that's all I have to write today.

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