Sunday, 2 June 2013

Weird Dream...

Helloooo Unicornasauruses!
School tomorrow *cries*. I really don't like school. At least I don't have to get up as early because I have study leave first thing. This week I have 2 exams! Which means after they're finished I only have one more exam left, which also means I only have to go in for that lesson! Stupid Statistics, why couldn't you be earlier then I could have a super long summer holiday. I'm also kind of sad about study leave because it means I'm leaving school and I don't want to because I don't want to grow up. Ever. I want to go back to Preschool.
This week has been pretty productive. Not. I did a bit of revision and finished 'Quidditch through the Ages' and watched Here comes Honey Boo Boo and that's been about it. Although yesterday I did eat so much in a short amount of time that I almost made myself sick. I ate 2 fajitas, an entire garlic bread, a chocolate ice lolly, a bowl of crisps and 2 cherry colas. Thinking about it is even making me slightly queasy! I mean, I'm supposed to be on a Prom Diet, but I just go and do stupid things like that and absolutely refuse to exercise, so I fail to see how my brain thinks I am going to lose weight. Idiot.
Also, I had this super weird dream the other day, which I'm planning on sharing.
Me and one of my friends - Beth - were supposed to be in Media Studies, but we decided to skip it and go and meet Cooper ( in this secret room we found under the sports hall because she didn't have Sociology anymore and we didn't want to do media. But before we got there, me and Beth decided to go for a wander around the school grounds because we had forgotten how to get into the secret room and thought that the entrance was somewhere around school grounds because the secret room was underground. But then our media teacher saw us through the window of his classroom and gave us detention. After class, he then took us to the sports hall with the head of ICT or whatever he is to discuss what our punishment was. I wandered around the room we were in, in the sports hall, and weirdly the teachers didn't notice. I then found some cardboard pieces covering a hole in a wall and realised that it was covering the secret room. I then looked inside and saw Coops sat waiting for us. I whispered that and and Beth were in trouble and couldn't skip classes to go to the secret room. Me, Beth and the teachers then left the sports hall and they told us to wait where we were so they could go and get detention ready. A while later Beth said she was going to go and see where they were. She was gone ages and then it was the end of the school day and people started walking past. Beth then came walking back with an empty shopping trolley and said that we had to push it round the school grounds together 465 times and she had already done it 10 times. She also said that my media teacher was angry for not turning up. I got confused and said that he told us to wait here. We were then pushing the trolley round the school grounds and this boy who (in real life) apparently has a crush on me and has asked me out before, but I don't really like him. Anyway, he started to follow us around, he wasn't really talking, just following us. I whispered to Beth, "Why is mushroom head following us?" and we both started giggling and then she got creeped out. Beth then decided she was going to go home, despite us only pushing the trolley round a few times. The boy who supposedly fancies me came up to me and was like "You alright Lauren?" in this really annoying tone of voice that makes him sound incredibly stupid. I then woke up, totally confused.

So yeah I realise that it was a totally long and random dream, but I decided to share it because...... Actually, I don't know why I shared it, but I did.
 BYeee :)

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