Friday, 26 July 2013

Cereal is exciting!

So today I kind of made an effort. I put on make up for the first time since prom! Shocker! And I went shopping with my mum! But then when I got home I refused to move from my laptop. I sorted out my iTunes library though and got a few new songs and made some playlists.
That's literally it. I woke up, got ready, went shopping, went on my laptop. To be fair, it was more productive that yesterday and the day before.
I also had a look at Harry Potter related things to buy on ebay and now I really want a wand.
My dad also bought me Monsters Inc. cereal!!! I haven't eaten any yet, but the box is great! It is also fairy creepy opening the cupboard and seeing Sulley's face.

Yeahh... that's about it!
Byee :)

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