Thursday, 25 July 2013

Summer Holiday Problems

Okay, so I've been in the Summer Holidays for about a month now and I'm getting bored. Even tumblr starts to get boring once you start checking it every 5 minutes. I need to find some sort of hobby, but seeing as I'm incredibly lazy I doubt that will happen. I'm looking forward to Autumn. Autumn is my absolute favourite season! But for now, I have to endure the rest of the summer. Great.
I might start to make daily posts because I literally have nothing else to do. But then again, if I make daily posts, they'll just be total nonsense as I don't really have much to write about. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to put them in the comments. I might do some OOTD posts, but seeing as I dress like I'm fashion-blind, I doubt that would be a good idea!
I also want to go out and do stuff, but I really can't stand hot weather, my Dad said that I'm starting to look like a vampire because I don't get enough sunlight. Oh well, I reckon I'm rocking the "I-just-woke- up-with-a-hangover Vampire" look. That is generally what I look like. My hair is frizzy and a mess so I just have it tied in a pineapple on top of my head and my clothes are just like "no." I don't even think my face remembers what makeup is I haven't worn it in so long (Obviously excluding when I had a moustache and beard drawn on me in eyeliner - it was a dare). So I feel like I should make an effort, because as fun as this look may be, I'm starting to feel sorry for my family who are forced to look at me.
So yeah, this post has made me feel like a total slob. Damn.
Byee :)

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