Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Fortunately, the temperature is starting to drop! Well, there were storms yesterday, so hopefully that means it will be cooler... I love storms, they're beautiful. Did anyone used to count how many seconds it was between when the lightning struck and when you could hear the thunder? I obviously still do that though. Storms used to scare me because I was terrified of lightning, but now I'm not as scared. I like watching it out of the window.
So who saw the last part of Skins Pure last night? I did! It still didn't give any closure, but it was great! I watched it on 4oD live, which is pretty cool because I couldn't wait until morning and I felt too lazy to watch it on the television.
Anyway, I didn't really have much to post about, I just wanted to post...
Byee :)

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